Tuesday 12th. August, 2014 – Great Fun 

Today was wet – not nearly as wet as was forecast but wet enough to make jaunting around outside unwise; especially if, as a retired gentleman, it wasn’t really required. So I gave myself over to an intensive course in the operation of Twitter. Those who read this diary regularly will remember that I started on this endeavour a few weeks ago but now that I am older I have to have more than one attempt at most things. Going back to it today with the benefit of a tiny experience meant that I understood what the text book was talking about – if I’m honest I didn’t understand much the first time around. So I learned about broadcasting video, pictures, sound files and all kinds of other goodies. Give me just a few days more and I will be in business

Got up at eight and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom wasn’t around today as he is still recuperating and, in any event, today was not a day for going up ladders. David arrived and continued his mammoth task of providing services for the barns and, as indicated above, I continued my self-imposed education project about Twitter.

I lunched with David and then we went our separate ways, coming together for an afternoon coffee before David went home and I walked Mix. Rachel had earlier taken Mum into Duns for her hairdressing appointment and later had taken Mix into the vet for her annual injections. Olive’s friends went off to England to visit Northumberland castles while Olive and Digger relaxed at home.

Mum’s good news was that the money from the sale of her flat has now come through. It has been a long time but we haven’t yet been here a year and everything is now settled and I don’t think that any of us are going anywhere else.

We dined in the farmhouse – I had to leave early to meet Hannah and her Mum to show them the summer house. I should be on commission from the manufacturers for all of the orders which have stemmed from the one we have built! Later Rachel and I watched the latest referendum debate, this time from Inverness. This was followed by a programme introduced by Andrew Neill on the effects of a yes vote for the rest of the United Kingdom. I found both programmes interesting and, in comparison Scotland 2014 and Newsnight were fairly tedious – strange because I usually enjoy Newsnight.

Mix and I went for a walk and then it was time for bed – how quickly the days go when one is enjoying one’s self.


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