Monday 11th. August, 2014 – The aftermath of Hurricane Bertha 

Sometimes there really isn’t very much to photograph but my diary entry requires a picture. So today I went into the Stables where the Loom is now housed and took a picture of the trunking – the while plastic trunking visible above the Loom itself. In fact David has created a skeleton of trunking throughout the stables (and eventually throughout all of the barns) so that we really will be able to use them all

Rose and walked Mix; it was still very windy as the end of hurricane Bertha passed us by. I was glad to see that no damage had been done but there had been extremely heavy rain, the evidence of which was all around. I breakfasted and then joined David who had come to continue getting the Stables ready for our event at the end of the month.

It was so windy that there was absolutely no way that we could have gone onto the roof and so I wasn’t surprised not to see Tom, but I was taken aback when he telephoned to tell me that he wasn’t feeling too well. I hope that he recovers soon – and I urged him to stay in bed and relax (not that I think my urging would make any difference).

I spent the morning preparing some financial papers for other people and then had a long coffee break with David which led to us investigating the tool room with a view to powering it up within the next few days. The idea is to have a tool bench running down one wall with power points above it, and shelving on the opposite wall for everything that has to be stored. Then we can set Rachel and Digger off on doing whatever you do in a tool room and workshop. It will take a little while because I think that we will need to remove the ceiling which looks quite damaged – but, hey ho, what’s a ceiling after roofs and floors?

In the afternoon I continued my computer education, learning about an application for ipad called Vine which enables one to prepare a six second video and add it to one’s tweets. The very idea sounds preposterous but what drew my attention to it was seeing the toss between Middlesex and Durham tweeted in such a way and it was quite good. I’ve also seen one or two examples of people using Vine which are entertaining. I’m not sure that it is an application which I could use, but at least I am learning about it.

Olive’s friends went off to Melrose for the day while Olive and Digger caught up with some of the things they needed to do. Mum was in and out between the wind gusts and Rachel was completing the kilt on which she was working, and searching for a tin of paint which she has mislaid.

We all dined together in the farmhouse – cheese and bean pie, my favourite – and then Rachel and I returned to the Granary where we watched Avatar in 3D on the television. It was quite remarkable, totally impossible and stupendously filmed. It avoided sentimentality and was littered with morals – and the time just flew by. I suppose its greatest triumph is that while I was watching it I was thoroughly caught up in it and believing it, even although it was so totally unbelievable. Fabulous.

We all walked together – Rachel, Rowan, Mix and I – before bed. The wind has dropped and it looks set fair (which I know is not what the forecasters say will happen). It has been another really good day.


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