Sunday 10th. August, 2014 – We await the tail of Hurricane Bertha 

Today started fine but, as forecast, became extremely wet. Often rain doesn’t notice in photographs but you can catch the atmosphere from the picture and the rather forlorn sun shade over the table at the back door of the Granary – Rachel won’t be breakfasting here tomorrow

Up, showered and walked Mix before breakfast, after which we set off for Church at Gavinton. Anne preached on the story of the gentile woman who begged for the crumbs from under the table and, as a result of her faith, her sick daughter was restored to health. Just possibly, Anne felt, Jesus' whole conception of his ministry was changed by the persistence and faith of this foreign woman.

We joined the congregation for coffee and met Melanie who was with us for the first time today and who travels up many weekends to be here from Durham. Back at Mount Pleasant I caught up with the cricket from Durham but after a bright start, the rain came. That was the story of here as well. By the time we had finished our lunch it was raining and while it didn’t seem too much like a hurricane it was certainly wet.

Mix and I retired to the summer house to read. Rachel set about painting bits for her boat and completing the kilt she is making. Olive, Digger and her friends stayed in – well, what else was there on such a wet and dreary day? Mum, having been out at Church, settled-in for the day as well.

In the evening Rachel went off to Evensong in Berwick and later we watched the remake of Poseidon before walking the dogs and retiring to bed. If it is as wet as this tomorrow we won’t be on the roof, that’s for sure. (Poseidon was really quite harrowing. I had watched the original version and this followed the same story-line but modern film techniques really did add to the tension.)


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