Wednesday 6th. August, 2014 – A day with nothing to report 

This afternoon I ventured into the Hen House with a view to start sorting things out. I suppose I knew this was going to be a pointless exercise because I had nowhere to start putting things and also because it was raining so I couldn’t take things outside. So after a bit of a look around at all of the boxes waiting to be emptied and the empty boxes which had piled up on top of them since we arrived, I gave up

Woke and, as forecast, it was raining. Showered and then walked Mix before breakfast with Olive and her friends from Germany. David arrived – Tom didn’t come today because with the rain there was little we could do – and he started work again on the Stables, making great progress throughout the day, joining me for several cups of coffee and playing every guitar within reach in the summer house.

In the morning I prepared the music for Arrochar and dispatched it to Jamie and, in the afternoon – at a little bit of a loose end because of the bad weather – I thought about clearing the Hen House.

Mum went into Duns with Anne to the Book Reading Group, Olive and Digger took their friends off to Hume Castle to explore and Rachel continued work on the kilt she is making and later went into Duns to do some shopping.

I am really in a mood to do some sorting out and tidying up but, until I have somewhere to tidy to, there is very little I can do. I suppose I will have to wait until we have the Bothy completed although, if we get some more dry weather, I could empty things out into the courtyard and then pack them back where they came from.

I had a wonderful surprise this afternoon with a phone call from Ewen and Jane from Australia who are coming to visit us in September. It will be really good to see them.

We all dined together in the farmhouse and afterwards we returned to the Granary – today has been a nothing sort of a day for me – the first day since I came here that I feel in some way that I have wasted but not really knowing what else I could have done with it. I suppose that it is just a bit of frustration that I can’t get on with what I would like to do.

We watched the first episode of DC Banks (recorded weeks ago) and then, after the News, it was time for bed.


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