Monday 4th. August, 2014 -- Back to Work 

By the end of the day the sarking on the Bothy was almost completed. We have achieved a great deal today – almost completing the sarking (tongue and groove larch so that it looks good from inside) and we have completed the extensions at the far side of the roof. Tomorrow we will have about four planks to fit and the roof will be ready for roofing felt

It was like old times, I walked Mix, breakfasted on porridge and had a drink with Tom. Then it was back to work on the Bothy roof in the sunshine. David arrived and did some work on preparing the Loom room for the party on the 30th. and then we all had coffee in the summer house.

David and Tom with Sasha, Spike, Mix and Rowan – Sasha is David’s spaniel, Spike is Tom’s daughter’s Border collie. Our dogs had a great time playing with them all this morning and everyone behaved perfectly

While David went off to Berwick for a meeting, Tom and I went to Pearsons for lunch (Shepherd’s pie) and then back to do a bit more on the roof. We arrived back just as Olive and Digger’s friends arrived and so we were able to get them through the gate and into Mount Pleasant. Fabian and Maike with their children Niklas and Amile will be with us for a couple of weeks, having crossed the channel in a ferry from their home in Germany. The two children are already having a ball with the dogs, with the boats in the yard and moving building materials around on a trolley – I wish I had got a picture of Amilie with her little brother on a dog lead (or was it the other way round?) as they played happily together. And the sun shone.

Around the dining table in the farmhouse at Mount Pleasant

We dined sharp at seven in the lounge and then we retired to the Granary. I was really quite tired after all the exertions of the last few days and I ended up in the summer house doing a quick sort out before walking Mix and having an early night.


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