Saturday 26th. July, 2014 – The weather was meant to change but it continues to be wonderful 

Dorothy and Tom arrived late in the afternoon to visit. Tom had collected Dorothy from the station at Berwick on her return from visiting her parents down south. We sat and drank Pims, Tom delighted to be sitting on what he described as a Titanic seat. We have arranged to meet in Barnoldswick on Monday at 2 p.m. to start our cruise

Up and walked Mix. Soon afterwards David arrived to continue work on our Loom room installation and I set off for Berwick to get some oil for the car and a mobile wifi for my ipad. Back home I shared a coffee with David (well, we had one each) before David set off for home.

I had some lunch – prawns and chips – and then set about gathering together all of the bits and pieces for our canal boat cruise. This took most of the afternoon, at any rate until Tom and Dorothy arrived and we paused for a drink.

Afterwards I tidied up the summer house (hearing the while of how well we continue to do at the Glasgow Games – well, we shall see for ourselves tomorrow). I filled the car up with oil and fed Mix and by this time our supper was ready in the farmhouse where we all ate together. It was a lovely all day breakfast with oodles of sausages, bacon, tomatoes, fried potatoes, scrambled egg – really grand!

Later we watched an old episode of Foyle’s War, one which for some reason I hadn’t seen before. They always seem so authentic, they always seem so believable and they always seem to leave one conscious of the futility of war.

Walked Mix in pouring rain – my how the weather has suddenly changed, just as the forecasters predicted.


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