Thursday 24th. July, 2014 – What a Scorcher! 

Rachel spent part of this afternoon painting the new covers which she has made for the lockers on her canal boat. Here she has found a bit of shade – look at the brightness where the shade ends – and is putting on the green marine paint so that the covers will match the boat

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Then I completed the Summer House! This involved fitting the final barge-boards along the front eaves. The summer house is now as it should be, although the sun has been so ferocious this summer that I plan to give it another coat of preserver before too long has gone by. At this point Rachel went off in the car with Rowan to walk around Gavinton, Olive and Digger went off to Berwick to shop (and came back with two new rugs) and Mum went into the garden (but soon retreated because it was so hot). It has been unbelievably hot today which is wonderful for the folk descending on Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games.

I went to the summer house and prepared the music for Arrochar for Sunday and then had lunch during which Tom and Dorothy arrived with their new car. It looks fabulous.

In the afternoon (actually I started it in the morning) I cut the grass around the summer house and then raked up all of the grass cuttings before setting out my deck chair and sitting out, enjoying the sun and listening to the Commonwealth Games. In fact I started off watching the Games on my ipad until the ipad turned itself off, telling me that it was too hot and would have to cool down before I could continue watching it. It was unbelievably hot but I enjoy the heat and I reflected (several times) that I have never had the opportunity of relaxing in this way because I have always been working. This is absolutely wonderful.

And so today I enjoyed listening to the triathlon before moving to the swimming for all of the adventures of the evening during which Scotland won two gold and one silver medal. I understand that our target for medals is 34, one more than last time in India. Last time of those 33, only three were gold. Tonight we sit with ten medals, of which four are gold. Well done Team Scotland!

Once the swimming was over, Mum, Olive, Rachel and I watched the very final episode of The Final Cut, the last part of the House of Cards trilogy. It has provided me with memorable moments and was very well done. The weather forecast for tomorrow is for more of the same. Wonderful.

Walked Mix and went to bed.

You may notice no difference, but the summer house is now complete, my lawn is cut and the deck chairs are out to welcome the sun


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