Tuesday 22nd. July, 2014 – We start on the other side of the Bothy Roof 

Having completed one side of the roof, today we started on the other side. We worked through the morning (before stopp0ing for a lengthy coffee break) and then came back in the afternoon to do a bit more. Today was certainly the hottest day I can ever remember in Scotland and you can see from the late evening picture just how strong the sun still is

Up and walked Mix and even so early in the morning the sun was shining down. Today was an absolute scorcher! Tom arrived as I completed breakfast and we set about the other side of the Bothy roof, stopping because it was so hot and we were tired (and retired) and so we relaxed over coffee and chocolate biscuits before I ran Tom home for lunch and went into Duns to pay a cheque into the bank and collect Rachel’s prescription from the chemist. (It wasn’t ready but would be later in the afternoon.)

Meanwhile both Olive and Mum had been to Duns to have their hair done (both patronise different establishments) and Rachel had phoned to say she was having a good time at the boat and would be back in time for dinner this evening.

I lunched, collected Tom, and we did a bit more work on the roof before collapsing into deckchairs in front of the summer house – going into the summer house was out of the question, it was just too hot – no, not just too hot, it was way, way too hot. But outside on a deckchair was just the place for two retired chaps to take their ease and put the world to rights (and the clock on the summer house which for some reason had been losing time every morning – we changed the battery and will see what happens).

I ran Tom home, collected some lemonade from the Coo-op, successfully collected Rachel’s prescription and returned to Mount Pleasant where I fed Mix before settling down with a book on a deckchair (Angelica’s Smile by Andrea Camilleri – beautifully translated by Stephen Sartarelli).

Rachel arrived home and we all ate in the farm house – Olive had spent the afternoon in the garden, Digger had been charging up the battery in his motorbike, Mum was inside (probably because it was too hot outside).

In the evening Olive, Mum, Rachel and I watched some more of the House of Cards trilogy. We are on the third part now – The Final Cut – and it is most absorbing. We have just one more episode to watch and, while it is quite clear how it will all end (history and MacBeth make that clear) it is fascinating to see just how it unfolds.

Mix and I went for our evening stroll before bed.


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