Saturday 19th. July, 2014 – The weather breaks 

Mix spent the majority of today asleep on his big cushion, Rowan spent a great deal of it lying looking out of the door. Together we spent most of today in the summer house. I researched shingles and slates and all the different alternatives for the Bothy roof (having been pointed in the right direction by Tom when he was here this morning), and I spent a great deal of the day following the Test match from Lords. It is building up to an exciting climax (I hope)

Up and walked Mix and then, as indicated above, I retired to the summer house with the dogs. Rachel spent much of today taking down pictures and putting up different pictures and generally getting the Granary a little bit more as she wants it to be. I don’t really know what everyone else did. I think I saw Olive and Digger going off in the car to Duns to do some shopping, and Mum spent today in doors (probably getting her breath back after a busy week).

We all dined together in the evening, after which Rachel, Mum, Olive and I watched the concluding parts of To Play the King, the sequel to House of Cards. All very exciting.

So there is little to write about today. It has rained for most of the day and, truth to tell, I have quite enjoyed doing very little. I enjoyed being in the summer house with the dogs. I enjoyed lunch in the summer house and I enjoyed the early evening when, the rain over, the sun finally came out for the day. Maybe it will be good weather again tomorrow.

As always the day ended with Mix and I going for a stroll before bed.


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