Friday 18th. July, 2014 – Marching On 

Olive spent most of today working with her fruit. Here she is topping and tailing blackcurrants from the garden – I gather there is some dispute about whether blackcurrants should be topped and tailed but Olive thinks they should

Up and walked Mix before breakfasting in the farmhouse after which Tom and I drove into Berwick where we met David who assisted us to buy some of the equipment we need for the barns and outhouses. Afterwards we went for coffee in Morrisons before returning home for lunch.

In the afternoon Tom and I did some more work on the Bothy roof. It is looking extremely good:

One side of the sarking has now almost been completed and I think that it is looking excellent

Anne dropped off Jack to visit Mum and after Tom had set off for home I joined them in the garden room for coffee and a blether – we were later joined by Digger and by Anne.

With everyone away to their respective homes I caught up with the cricket in the summer house before supper after which we watched some more of a House of Cards. It is quite exciting and an antidote to so much of the terrible news from the world around us – the Malaysian plane thought to have been shot down over Ukraine and the continued violence in Israel. If only all villainy happened only in films (like a House of Cards).

Walked Mix and went to bed, and, as tomorrow is Saturday, I have nothing planned and don’t even need to get up early. Isn’t life good?


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