Tuesday 15th. July, 2014 – St. Swithin’s Day (and it was a glorious one) 

I took this picture last night while we were at supper. It shows Mum, Irene, Rosemary, Digger, Olive and Rachel. We enjoy meeting and eating around the round table in the farmhouse dining room

Up early and walked Mix before breakfast. Took Rosemary and Irene on a tour of our part of the ‘estate’ visiting the Stables, the Hen House and the summer house as well as popping into the Granary. Soon Tom and I were hard at work making a start on the roof of the Bothy. It is fun but quite slow-going as we have to ensure that everything is right. There is also a great deal of climbing up and down ladders!

Tom is in among the roof beams fixing the larch sarking onto the beams. We need to get this just right as the larch roof will be a feature of the room from below once everything has been completed

We stopped for lunch and I grabbed a pizza. Olive did some work on train tickets for Rachel and me to go to London to visit the Globe in October. I was most impressed that we are to get a sleeper home to Edinburgh for £39 each (and then a ticket back to Berwick for just £3)!

In the afternoon we did more of the same and by the time we stopped the roof was just beginning to take shape:

Look at all those ladders!

Rachel also recruited Tom’s assistance in cutting the marine ply which was delivered from Pearsons today. She is making new covers for the hatches on her canal boat in preparation for our cruise later in the month

I’m having mixed feelings about Twitter. It has been great to be kept up to date about the agreement to consecrate women bishops, it has been grand to hear about the changes to David Cameron’s front bench but it has been oh, so sad that Durham had to choose the days of my new involvement with this form of communication to produce the worst cricket display imaginable. The only consolation is that they have been thoroughly beaten inside three days and I will not have to get tweets about their (lack of) progress throughout tomorrow.

It was a lovely evening to follow a lovely day. We ate in the farmhouse – tonight a take-away from the local Thai restaurant. I am not very familiar with Thai food but I enjoyed it enormously. After which we sat around the table and talked until finally it was time to get ready for our ballooning trip tomorrow morning. I’ve charged the battery in my camera and I hope to have some good pictures from over the Scottish Borders on my diary by this time tomorrow. All that remained was to walk Mix and retire to bed.


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