Monday 14th. July, 2014 – We get back onto the roof 

Most folk know, I expect, that Rachel makes kilts – she served a lengthy apprenticeship with Redshank in Inveraray and now that we are down in the Borders she is starting to make kilts again. These flowers arrived from a satisfied customer and Rachel was really delighted

Up early and walked Mix before breakfasting at 8.30 a.m. with Mum and her two friends who then set off for Lindisfarne where they explored the Priory and had lunch at the Barn at Beal on the way home. They had a good day.

Tom arrived for me and we started preparing the roof for the sarking which will go on later in the week. We have made excellent progress and also found time for two trips to Pearsons (one to buy screws for the roof and one to buy wood for Rachel who is renewing the covers of the forward lockers on her canal boat), for lunch and for two extended coffee breaks, at the end of the second of which David arrived with some thoughts about how we install services in the barns around the courtyard.

At the end of the working day I had time to explore Twitter further. I have identified some people to follow – two news sites (BBC and CNN), Durham cricket and the Maltings Theatre and some friends and family. With a few wet afternoons behind me, I will soon be active in the Twitter world. So look out @PleasantDane (a reference not to my disposition but to where I live) for more information.

Dined with the family and Mum’s friends and then had planned to watch House of Cards on television – well, the World Cup has ended and there is no sport on television until the Open starts on Thursday and the second Test Match on Friday. Aren’t we hard done by? I can’t believe that now I have time to enjoy sport on the television. It doesn’t get much better than this. However, we spent so much time talking over supper that we didn’t get round to watching the television – and now I am on Twitter I don’t even need to watch the news anymore. Today, after getting Twitter set up, almost the first thing I learned was that the General Synod had agreed to the appointing in principle of women bishops – that was good news, what was somewhat less good was the constant stream of messages from Durham telling me of a further disaster in their match with Warwickshire. Perhaps fortune will change tomorrow and, if it does, I will learn of it from Twitter.

Spent some time in the summer house with the dogs, walked Mix and went to bed, It has been a very good day.


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