Sunday 13th. July, 2014 – A Sporting Sunday 

This morning Mum was responsible for the Church flowers at Gavinton. She was pleased with how well they looked

Up and walked Mix, showered and breakfasted before driving to Gavinton Church with Rachel, Mum and our organ with which Rachel provided the music for the service. Ann spoke today about Jacob and Esau and how Esau was prepared to sell his birthright for a ‘mess of pottage’, enabling his younger brother to inherit and take forward God’s promise to Abraham.

Back home two of Mum’s friends from Kirkcaldy arrived to spend a few days at Mount Pleasant, Irene and Rosemary. We all dined and then Mum and her friends went off to explore Duns and walk around the castle grounds before driving down to explore Coldstream.

I retired to the summer house to watch the dying stages of the Test Match, to keep an eye on the start of Durham’s match against Warwickshire and to tidy up.

Later Rachel went off to Duns to attend Evensong and, on her return, I settled down to watch the World Cup final between Argentina and Germany. It was an exciting game and I was delighted when, just before the end of extra time, Germany scored a goal which won the competition – it was, however, heart-wrenching to see the despair on the faces of the Argentinean team as they waited to receive their runners-up medals. What a contrast to the Olympics when a silver medal was recognised for what it was, a wonderful achievement.

I have enjoyed this World Cup enormously – in large part because, being retired, I have been able to take time to watch the matches. Life is good! Today I also started to explore Twitter where I now seem to be Dane Sherrard @ PleasantDane or maybe I am just @PleasantDane. I’ll record my adventures as they happen – watch this space.

Mix and I walked each other before bed. It is a lovely evening and still extremely warm.


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