Friday 11th. July, 2014 – And today we came home 

There is nothing more pleasant on a beautiful day than to sit on one's boat (or in this case one's wife's boat) and watch other boats sailing by

Up early – well, little wonder, as I went to bed so early – and walked Mix before returning for breakfast. Rachel and I both read our books. It is another spectacular day (my book is thirteen short stories about the Railway Detective by Edward Marston) and then we went off to see Wayne at the Marina Office. He told us how to apply for the Boat safety Certificate (the equivalent of an MOT) which Rachel’s boat will require on its 4th. birthday in October.

We returned to the Young Rachel where Rachel set about making patterns for the covers of the two lockers in the bows. We took the original covers home to Luss because they were rotten but we aren’t sure where they have ended up after our removal (Aren’t sure? We haven’t a clue.) I looked after the dogs, listened to the cricket as it wanders along, and then to the News. It is another lovely, gentle day in wonderful sunshine.

By the time we left the boat everything was perfect. Here is a picture of the saloon just waiting our arrival for a cruise in a couple of week's time

We set off for home just before five and arrived back around eight-thirty. It was an uneventful drive. With the English schools breaking up today we were concerned that there might be lots of caravans on the roads but maybe that will be tomorrow. What we did see was lots of ‘left-overs’ from the Tour de France. Yellow-painted bicycles on the walls of pubs, sitting outside schools, in village greens and so on; and lines of tiny knitted jerseys (many of them yellow, but also green and white with pink spots) strung up between lamp-posts and decorating buildings. It has obviously been a great event.

'The Young Rachel' is the boat with the black cover over her bows -- keeping everything perfect until we get back down for our cruise

Back home – and it was good to be home (and the weather is still great) – we had something to eat and I checked out my computer before walking Mix, in the surroundings with which he has become most accustomed, before bed. I caught the weather forecast and it seems that things are changing and that perhaps if I want to cut my grass it will have to be done in the morning – or could it be that just thinking about grass-cutting has led to the change in forecast?


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