Thursday 10th. July, 2014 – In heaven 

A picture which could have been taken any morning or any afternoon or any evening when we pop down to Barnoldswick and stay on the boat. Here was are (or at least in the picture, here is Rachel with Rowan and Mix) walking along the tow path with the narrow boats lining the canal -- who am I kidding? The sun doesn't always shine as it did today

Intended to sleep in but got up instead to walk Mix. We went off to the Rolls Royce factory, past ‘Silent Night’ (where they make mattresses for beds) along the tow path and back again (in the opposite direction from last night). The weather is Mediterranean – there were many colder mid-summer days in Genoa when we lived there!

We breakfasted in style and Rachel started getting the boat to her satisfaction while Mix and I sat at the stern and I read a book I had come across called ‘Facebook and Twitter for Seniors for Dummies’. I discovered that I have a Facebook account (something to do with Luss Church, I think) but I have never really looked at it, so I thought it would be a good idea to see what it was about. No sooner had I thought this than my brother started extolling the virtues of Twitter ... and now I have this book. “Are you not just a little bit ashamed to have a book for ‘Seniors’”? I was asked. Not at all. I’ve been using computers since my Sinclair ZX80 and I’ve blogged and I’ve streamed and I’ve made films and so on and on – but I didn’t know about Facebook and Twitter, and the advantage, I thought, about a book for Seniors is that it would not take any knowledge for granted.

Well, it didn’t! Mind you, it did make me do a few double takes. Having taken the reader through all the setting-up procedures of Twitter, it then said ‘... maybe you can’t think of anything to tweet about. It’s a frustrating feeling – know that I feel your pain. Even now, I often face the blank What’s Happening text box with nothing in my head.’ If you haven’t got anything to say, why would you want such a programme? My fear is that so much social media is generating talk for the sake of talk. I do, however, recognise that it has great value as well. Back in 2010 we had a series of talks at the church – really good speakers to celebrate the 1,500th. anniversary of Christianity arriving at Loch Lomond-side – but very bad snowy conditions which led to several of the talks having to be postponed. Twitter enabled us to let folk know if a meeting was going ahead or not. Anyway, I have read the theory and next time I am home and the weather is bad I’ll maybe have a shot.

Later we loaded the dogs into the car and went into Skipton. Everywhere there was evidence of the recent Tour de France. It had obviously been a really great event and brought visitors and money into the community. I supported the local economy to the extent of a sausage supper which was excellent. I also bought three two-litre bottles of Ginger Beer for £1.50 which was also a real bargain.

Quite an unusual view of the main street in Skipton. Just a few days ago hundreds of cyclists on the Tour de France raced up this street towards the Church at the top of the picture. The town was thronged with people who had come to watch the race. But what is unusual is that today there was no market in the street. Of course, it doesn't happen every day but it seems that whenever we have been there the market has been on. Not today, so there are many cars parked where normally there would have been market stalls and people buying

I love this little inside mall just off the main street in Skipton. It is filled with character and with some lovely shops including one of the best places to buy amber jewellery

Back home (well at our narrow-boat home) we walked the dogs again before all retiring to the stern of the boat. It was so hot we had to be outside. We dined (salad, naturally) and then I ‘phoned home to discover that Mount Pleasant is also bathed in sunshine. Mum has been to Duns to an event which involved strawberry tarts; and Mum, Olive and Digger attended a book sale at Duns Library (part of the special programme of activities for the Border Reivers celebrations). I gather that Mum met the Reiver and his lass earlier in the week and it made her day.

Having gone for another walk with the dogs, we went to bed. I had intended to read my book but instead I drifted off to sleep – relaxed, warm, and at one with the world.


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