Tuesday 8th. July, 2014 – And the Heavens Opened 

Today there was nothing for it but to settle down in the summer house and read my book. It was remarkably chilly so I turned on the gas heater, something which was greatly appreciated by Mix who really enjoys being warm

Up and walked Mix in the rain before breakfast. Today it really rained – heavy, soaking rain which bounced off the roof of the summer house and which could be heard in every room of the Granary. It was the kind of rain which soaked you when you were out in it for twenty seconds, so heavy in fact that Rowan didn’t really want to go for a walk with Rachel at all.

I was glad of the opportunity to complete my book – An Officer and a Spy – which I have had on the go for a while but which I haven’t completed because I have only read a little each night before falling asleep. It is a good book and I would recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed Robert Harris’s other books, you will not be disappointed.

Later in the afternoon I showed three of Mum’s friends around the Loom Room, walked Mix and got ready to out to see ‘A Small Family Business’ by Alan Ayckbourn streamed from the National Theatre to the Maltings. I enjoyed it enormously. No, it was even better than that. It was a real nineteen eighties production that was alive and well and fabulously funny and with a real message for 2014. I loved the transformation of Nigel Lindsay from idealistic new boss of the family firm (moving from selling fish fingers to furniture) to mafia don. It was good to see Stephen Beckett whom I remember so well from his days in the Bill. Niky Wardley was superb as was Matthew Cottle as the corrupt private investigator – but then all the cast were great (and all, to a greater or lesser extent, were corrupt). It was a typical Ayckbourn set and full-scale house on a revolve with the action moving from room to room and as slick as you could ever wish.

The rains stopped and the day ended bright and sunny – the only disaster was for Brazil who were defeated 7:1 by Germany in the semi-final of the World Cup.

Back home, we walked the dogs and went to bed. Tomorrow be go off to Rachel’s narrow boat to ensure that it is ready for our summer holidays.


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