Sunday 6th. July, 2014 – We worship in Cranshaws Kirk and I cut the grass 

A picture of folk coming out of Cranshaws Kirk this morning. It is an idyllic spot on a very beautiful summer’s day and our congregation comes here to worship on the first Sunday of every month

Up and walked Mix, breakfasted and then showered and changed before going with Mum and Rachel to Cranshaws Kirk for our morning service. It was a lovely day and during the service Ann, the minister, spoke about Isaac and his wife Rebecca, chosen for him by Abraham’s servant.

Back home I got everything ready to start cutting the grass immediately after Sunday lunch – I got out the lawnmower and the strimmer and refuelled them, I cleared the grass cuttings from last time, I cleared Rowan’s toys and sundry pieces of wood and then we enjoyed an excellent Sunday repast.

No sooner did I get outside than it started to rain. Mix and I took refuge in the summer house and started to watch the men’s singles final from Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic against Roger Federer. It was a hugely entertaining and exciting match which Djokovic eventually won, but in between times I got the grass cut and, after the game finished and the sun came out again, I got the strimming done as well. I would have liked to have gone over the grass for a second time but just as Rachel returned from Evensong in Berwick it started to pour down and there was even some thunder.

However I have achieved something and, with a bit of luck, I’ll get some more done tomorrow (although the forecast doesn’t look great). In the evening we had a snack and watched a ‘Johnny English’ film (Rowan Atkinson). I had never seen one of these before but it was gentle and quite good fun.

After catching up with the news, I walked Mix and retired to bed. It has been a good day – I am beginning to get the hang of this retirement thing.


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