Saturday 5th. July, 2014 – Visitors 

Olive, Devon, Digger and Jeff (with Mix) pictured as Digger shows his visitors around his market garden

Up and walked Mix before setting out to join Tom at Clare’s where we moved all of the chairs and tables which we had collected on Thursday back to the Church and Church hall. The Church was looking good because it was all set out for a wedding which was to take place at noon.

Back at Clare’s we enjoyed an excellent breakfast of egg, bacon and mushrooms – would recommend this establishment!

Back home, it was still rather dull so I started researching some of the work that I am to do to help Rachel and Ann in marketing their weaving and kilt-making business. In the afternoon Jeff (Olive’s son) and Devon arrived and were, of course, given the royal tour (Devon had never been here before) after which we all had coffee and tea and caught up on all of their news. Jeff is in charge of organising “DigIt! 2015”, a year of archaeology in Scotland while Devon is masterminding the development of Abbot House Heritage Centre in Dunfermline. They are clearly enjoying life and their respective jobs. It was good to see them both.

In the evening Mum ate with Rachel and me while Olive and Digger went out for a meal to celebrate Olive’s retirement. I cooked and after our meal I came across to the summer house to watch Costa Rica against the Netherlands. My goodness but it was exciting even if it did end zero zero after ninety minutes and then still zero zero after one hundred and twenty minutes. So it was all down to penalty kicks and on the night the Netherlands won. I was sorry for Costa Rica who have done extraordinarily well to get so far in the competition.

Walked Mix and went to bed.


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