Friday 4th. July, 2014 – A Nothing Kind of a Day, Really 

A picture of Olive and Digger doing nothing, sitting in front of their television with Wimbledon on in the background. It was too wet to dig and too wet to be out in the garden – but we don’t get many days like that, so we can just enjoy them when they come

Got up and walked Mix before breakfast. I had two plans for the first part of today. The first was to cut the grass around the summer house (that has been hanging over my head for several days), the second was to complete the painting of some of the bargeboards on the summer house and to fit the remaining barge boards at the front and rear of the summer house (that has been hanging over my head for even longer). Unfortunately just as I was about to start, so did the rain so neither job even got started.

My second plan for the day was to go down to Chester-le-Street with Scott to see Durham play in the T20 competition against Nottinghamshire. I looked at the weather forecast and it seemed unlikely that the game would take place. However, as the day wore on, the forecast got better. So I lunched and showered and was ready for Scott when he arrived at 3 p.m. to take me to see the cricket. We got as far as Newcastle before the club phoned to say the game was going to be cancelled. So we turned around and made our way home.

So today really was a nothing kind of a day. But there were some good things too – there always are: I had a fine Chinese take-away for supper (I didn’t want to disturb Olive, Rachel and Digger who were having a special meal – Mum was also away) and I got a splendid letter from the Maltings Theatre. Those of you who follow my diary will remember that on Wednesday evening Rachel and I attended a streamed performance of Henry IV part two which was cut short about five minutes from the end. Today we all got a letter apologising for what had happened, saying that there would be an attempt to reshow for us the performance, offering us all two tickets for any future show of our choice, and telling us that if we showed our letter to the barman in the Stage Door Bar he would give us a free drink of our choice. I thought that was all extremely well handled, the more so because it was done so expeditiously and it has left a good taste in my mouth. Well done.

We also got a letter reminding us that Rachel’s narrow boat is now due to have its first MOT (they don’t call it that, it is a safety check, I think) so we will have to get that arranged next week.

Rachel and Sandy did some weaving today and, in the evening, Mum went off to the Desert Island Discs evening about which I wrote last night. Olive and Digger did little and, for all that I have achieved, I would have been as well doing nothing as well. And, to cap it all, Digger tells me that it is going to rain for several days: I really do want to get that grass cut.

I caught the end of an extremely entertaining Senior Gentlemen’s Invitation Doubles match at Wimbledon between Bahrami and Leconte and McNamara and McNamee. It was fantastic. There was lots of fooling about but this only worked because they were also extremely skilled tennis players. It was splendid.

I also watched the Brazil verses Columbia football match (in the summer house so that Rachel could watch something which wasn’t sport). It was an exciting game although I thought that the referee lost control and as a result the skilful players were sacrificed to the more vigorous ones. Brazil won 2 to 1 which was certainly the result the home crowd wanted.

Mix and I went for a walk before bed.


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