Tuesday 1st. July, 2014 – A Fabulous Summer’s Day 

I was standing out in the road waiting for Peter to arrive when this huge tractor spraying the crops in the field opposite Mount Pleasant came into view. I didn’t have my camera with me but I pulled out my ‘phone and caught this picture of modern day farming

Up and walked Mix before breakfasting in the farm house and then showering and doing a bit of reorganising before my friend Peter arrived to spend the day down in the Borders.

Peter phoned to say that his tom-tom had taken him to Edrom so I gave him directions and went out to the roadside to let him know when he had arrived.

Rachel, Peter and I had coffee in the summer house before I took Peter on a tour of our new home. Later on he and I went off to Duns where we lunched in Hugo’s – very pleasant. Then it was back to Mount Pleasant where we were able to sit in deckchairs and drink beer and later coffee. Having done the relaxing and the catching up on news we set off with Rachel to the paths around Duns Castle where we walked past the monument to John Duns Scotus, past the artificial lake and into the forest walk – we, and the dogs, enjoyed the walk.

Back home, Peter was able to say hello to Mum who had returned from St. Abbs where she had spent the afternoon with Jim who had picked her up after her weekly visit to the hairdresser and lunched with her at the White Swan – haven’t we been patronising Duns’ eating places today? It was good to catch up with Jim who had some good advice for Rachel and me on our forthcoming visit to the Globe at London.

Peter and Jim both set off for home – they had long journeys to make – and a bit later we dined with the family in the farm house. What a lot of eating today! For the first time we ate from Digger’s new crop of potatoes; they were very good.

Digger and Olive had both spent the day in the garden, Rachel was working on a kilt which she is altering. In the evening I watched the USA against Belgium football match which was exciting right from the first kick of the ball to the very end of extra time. Belgium eventually triumphed by two goals to one. I should also record that I was very surprised to discover that Nadal had been knocked out of Wimbledon by a fairly unknown Australian, a teenager called Nick Kyrgios. I look forward to seeing his next match.

Walked Mix before bed. It was fabulous seeing Peter today. Of course, I didn’t get any grass cut. Just as well I am retired!


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