Monday 30th. June, 2014 – What a lovely surprise 

My very good friends Theresa and Mick with their grandson, Logan, whom I baptised shortly before retiring

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. My task for today was to cut the grass around the summer house and my pleasure was to watch Andy Murray in his match at Wimbledon. I started by clearing all the bits and pieces off the grass – ladders, bits of shingles, wood and so on. Before I could start Tom arrived and so rather than cut the grass, we sat in the summer house and blethered.

Tom had come to collect his tools to take up to Helensburgh to make some repairs to his house. However, he turned my brush cutter back into a strimmer for me and then set off for home.

I started to cut the grass – strimming the long grass at the west end of the garden. However I didn’t get that completed because suddenly a well-kent face appeared at the gate. It was Mick, one of my great friends from Luss who had driven down with his wife and grandson to give us the once-over. We chatted in the summer house and then I showed them around. I’d love them to have stayed longer but they had to be on their way. It was really good to see them and naturally it brought back memories of all of the youth projects we had at Luss and Mick coming in to meet with all of the youngsters. He was a star turn, particularly with the Italians – Mick was our local policeman and a real addition to the Luss community.

By the time they left, Andy Murray was about to start his match so I got out a deck chair and watched the first set on my i-pad in the hot, bright sunshine. At this point the rain came down – not at Mount Pleasant but at Wimbledon – and I retired into the summer house while they closed the roof over centre court. I wondered whether I should start cutting grass again but reckoned there wouldn’t be time before the match restarted. I was right and soon I was back at my centre court-side seat enjoying the tennis.

Just in time for dinner, Murray won in three sets. So that was fine. After dinner in the farmhouse, I cut the grass in front of the summer house and then watched the conclusion of the Djokovic against Tsonga match. I like Djokovic but I am especially fond of Jo-Wildried Tsonga who always seems such a plucky player. Unfortunately pluck wasn’t enough tonight and he was defeated in three sets by Djokovic who looks in ominously good form.

Went back into the Granary to watch the News before walking Mix and retiring to bed. It has been a very good day.


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