Sunday 29th. June, 2014 – The Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul 

Our service this morning was at Abbey St. Bathans – our congregation always goes exploring on the fifth Sunday of the month – and, as the former Church had been booked for a reception, we met in the Village Hall. This is a view from the outside of the hall. I found it rather fun

Up, showered and walked Mix before an early breakfast as we had to be on the road just after nine for a service at Abbey St. Bathans at ten (and we had to be early to set up the organ to provide the music). We found the village hall without too much difficulty and soon had the organ set up. Today is the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, something I will never forget because it is the day on which we arrived in Genoa for the first time all of those years ago. This is the feast day of Genoa because St. Peter and St. Paul are the patron saints and tonight there will have been a glorious firework display over the whole city.

In St. Bathans we had a good congregation – my picture, below, was taken as soon as we arrived before the congregation had assembled – and Ann, the minister, chose to preach on the story of Abraham’s sacrifice (or willingness to sacrifice) Isaac. She contrasted Abraham’s willingness but spared action with God’s action in sacrificing Jesus, his son, to death upon the Cross. Three of the ladies of the congregation led the prayers and Bible readings -- and led them well. After the service we shared in coffee and then made our way home.

I admired this small village hall but I was told that it is suffering from rot and deteriorating quite quickly. What a pity

Back home, we loaded the dogs into the car and went off to Tweedmouth where there were sales on in the retail park. I bought a couple of deck chairs – my purchase brought on jointly by retirement and the lovely summer we are enjoying – a smoothie maker, and Rachel bought three lanterns for outside the Granary.

We just had time for Rachel to try out the deck chair before lunch in the kitchen. I’ll write a more measured review later

We drove home and joined the family for a lovely Sunday lunch – a glorious salad which I really enjoyed. Afterwards Rachel decided that she would cut the grass. I decided to retire to the summer house with Mix (who hates lawnmowers) and listen to the cricket (Durham are playing Derbyshire at Chester-le-Street) but as soon as I got settled the rain arrived – not here but at Durham.

Rachel is cutting the grass on her side of the fence. I am to cut the grass on this side of the fence tomorrow

I needn’t have worried. The sun returned and Durham scored an impressive victory with 40 balls and eight wickets to spare. Rachel went off to Evensong in Berwick and I fed the dogs and relaxed in the warm afternoon sun on one of our new deck chairs.

On Rachel’s return I made us each a smoothie (coffee ice-cream with peaches, yummy!) and we watched an episode of New Tricks and enjoyed some spaghetti al pesto. After the News I walked Mix and soon it was time for bed. Tomorrow Tom is away and I hope to spend the day working in the garden around the summer house. We’ll see – but let’s hope for even more of this sunshine.


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