Friday 27th. June, 2014 – Spot the difference 

I’m very conscious that all of these photos of the summer house are becoming little more than a succession of ‘spot the difference’ pictures. Things haven’t quite worked out as I had hoped and if you look at this picture you will see why. Today the weather changed and after so many warm, dry, glorious days, today it became cold and wet. Not before, however, Tom and I were able to achieve a little something on the summer house. If you look very carefully you will see that the bargeboards have now been fitted on both ends and around the dormer – yes, and the clock is now screwed to the dormer as well: we are expecting winds

Rose and walked Mix before breakfast. I had set about painting a weather vane with Hammerite when Tom arrived and, before the bad weather arrived, we were able to fix the bargeboards and mastic the roof. Tom then set off for home – they have friends arriving later in the day and naturally they want to get everything just right for their arrival. I lunched in the summer house with the two dogs. They are both so happy now that, because we have the new fence, there can be totally free movement from the back door of the house to the summer house and, as a result, both dogs have spent most of the day with me.

I had intended to spend the afternoon painting; however the weather put paid to that. So I started to back up my computer. Why? Because at the presbytery meeting earlier this week Helen, our presbytery clerk, told us that so many computers were being affected by malicious activity. Her concern was for church computers but I suddenly thought what would it be like if I lost all of my photos and all of my writings from the last ten years? Actually, I’m not really sure that it would matter very much because I am retired, but it would be a shame. So I have got a portable hard disk and I have started to save what I would really want to keep. It has taken all afternoon, all evening and there will be plenty to copy tomorrow as well and I am hoping that the exercise is a little bit like carrying an umbrella, the fact you have done it means it doesn’t rain.

Rachel came and checked her music for Sunday on my keyboard and Rowan, showing off now she was so at home in the summer house, bounced around about her neck on the top of a chair while Rachel tried to work:

Next minute Rowan had climbed onto the organ and was doing her best to play it as well

I walked Mix in the rain and then we all dined in the farmhouse. In the evening we watched an old Inspector Gently, after which I retired to the summer house to see how the backing-up was going and then, after giving Mix his final walk of the day, we retired to bed.

Should report that Rachel and Sandy continued to work on the loom. I understand that production of the new Mount Pleasant tweed will start on Monday (and there will be photos). Digger was in the garden, as was Mum between the showers, and Olive continued to mark examination papers. She is on the very last lap and soon it will be done.


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