Monday 23rd. June, 2014 -- A bit overcast but still thoroughly warm 

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom arrived and by the end of the morning the dormer was all but completed – it took quite a bit longer than we had expected but it looks quite good now that it is done.

We broke for lunch – Tom went off with Dorothy and I dealt with some post and heard the good news that an offer has been lodged for Mum’s house. We’ll not count our chickens but the omens are good! On Tom’s return we completed the Dormer (well, the barge boards still have to be fitted but that will not be a long job) and some more of the north side of the roof was shingled – with a bit of luck we may get that done tomorrow (there is a bit of doubt about the weather).

I had a really nasty moment this morning – we had put Mix in the summer house while we worked on its roof, thinking that he would prefer to be close to us rather than locked in the house. When we went to let him out, he ran away down the main road with me pursuing him as fast as I could, calling his name. It was only after a car nearly hit him that he eventually pulled up some half a mile from our house and I managed to get hold of him. I don’t know what was worse, the fright I got or the breathlessness which remained with me for the rest of the morning. Still I suppose I have been fortunate. Mix is now firmly under control and he and I spent the rest of the afternoon in the summer house where I took in some of the day's sporting activities: Andy Murray winning his first game at Wimbledon, England throwing away their hard work of the first three days of the Test match against Sri Lanka, Durham continuing to do superbly well against Sussex.

Rachel cut back some of the bushes around the summer house, Digger did some work in the allotment and Olive continued to work on ACCA examination papers. We all dined together at 7 p.m. in the farmhouse.

In the evening I watched a bit of football (Croatia against Mexico and Brazil against Cameroon) and an old New Tricks. Took Mix for a walk (he is still a bit cowed after his experiences earlier in the day). Went to bed with my book.


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