Sunday 22nd. June, 2014 – The First Sunday after Trinity 

I took this picture of Rachel, Irene, Simon, Mum, Dorothy and Tom outside the front door of Gavinton Church when we visited it for the morning service today. As usual the sun is shining and it was good to be out and about

Up, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse with Simon and Irene before setting off together with Mum and Rachel for the service at Gavinton. This was conducted by Bill as Ann is on holiday. The theme was the people of God – that’s us – and the message that we can all do more than we imagine.

After the service we had coffee in the hall and then drove Simon and Irene through the town square before making pour way up to the entrance to the castle, where we parked and went for a walk. It was a good walk and along the way I took some pictures.

This is the memorial which marks the place where John Duns Scotus was born in 1266. At that time the village was here before being moved in later times (as a result of a Border raid) to its present position

This is the top of the memorial which proudly announces:
John Duns Scotus
The Subtle Doctor
and member of the Franciscan Order
was born on this site in 1266.
Wherever his distinguished name is uttered
he sheds lustre on Duns and Scotland
the town and land which bore him.
Erected by the Franciscan Order
on the seventh centenary of his birth
September, 1966

It is just across from this entrance to the castle that the Duns Scotus Monument is to be found

This is a lovely walk along the pathway from the castle. Simon and Irene, Rachel and I wandered along it ...

... while Mum had a seat in front of the lake with the castle in the background

We returned to the farmhouse for an excellent Sunday lunch after which our visitors left to drive back home. Mix and I came to the summer house but almost immediately Scott and Sue arrived and we went to the farmhouse to see some of the pictures they had taken during their most recent holiday in Italy. Rachel and I were particularly interested to see the pictures of the couple of days which they spent in Genoa. They had obviously had a really good time.

In the evening Rachel and I had a snack and watched a bit of television (a bit of the Antiques Road Show and a bit of Algeria against South Korea in the World Cup) before I walked Mix and went to bed early with my book. This is going to be a big week and I do hope that the weather holds up for us!


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