Saturday 21st. June, 2014 – Welcoming friends and Rowan visits her family 

This is a picture of Rowan with her parents and her brothers and sisters. In case you can’t make her out, Rowan is wearing a red collar and Rachel was most impressed (and smugly self-satisfied) at how well Rowan behaved

Up, walked Mix, tidied the summer house, went into Duns to buy some cream cakes and came home in time for a shower. Unexpectedly our friend Jenny arrived – unfortunately, Rachel was not at home as she had gone off to a bar-b-cue at Sang’s home in Alloa, this being, among other things, a reunion of Rowan’s family. Rachel enjoyed showing off Rowan to her family and Rowan enjoyed playing with them all.

I showed Jenny around and had a rare old chat over coffee in the summer house. We will get in touch at the start of the week and I hope that she will come down to stay quite soon. Today she was travelling from Cheltenham to her home in Scotland and happened to pass by our house. It was good to see her.

Soon afterwards Simon and Irene arrived. They are staying the weekend with us and I showed them around and then went off to visit Dorothy and Tom’s ‘farm’ at Gavinton. Dorothy and Tom returned with us to Mount Pleasant and the five of us drank Champaign and orange juice until Rachel arrived home. Then we all dined in the dining room around the round table in the farmhouse with Olive, Mum and Digger. It was a lovely evening.

We adjourned to the Granary afterwards to continue our chats until it was time to go to bed. For me it was a really lovely day.


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