Friday 20th. June, 2014 – Another fine day 

A picture of strawberries growing happily in the Digger Dome. Digger had been working away in his allotment most of every day in recent times and seems as happy as a sandboy

Up, walked Mix and breakfasted before Tom and I started on the shingling of the second side of the summerhouse roof. In fact we only did a small amount of that because Tom had duties in the afternoon and it was clear that we wouldn’t get the roof completed. So instead we set about making the dormer for the front part of the roof. This was great fun and involved the participation of Digger and Rachel as well. But now it has been erected and a start made on putting shingles on it. With a bit of luck, and if we don’t get any better offers, we will complete this on Monday.

We started the day working on the north side of the summerhouse roof, the south side having been completed yesterday

Tom in front of the new dormer on which we have only just started to put shingles

We stopped for lunch, Tom departed and Rachel and I set about staining and preserving the wood of the summerhouse. We got on well and everything now has at least one coat of a really good quality preservative.

At this stage I walked Mix and then joined Olive, Digger and Rachel for an evening meal – Mum was absent as she had gone to Duns for the referendum debate. Earlier she had been in Edinburgh for the summer outing of her University of the Third Age book group – a meal in an African restaurant as a fitting end to a year in which they have studied books by African authors.

Digger continues today in his allotment and completed the digging of his potato patch

Digger surveys his now completed potato patch – there will be no potato famine this autumn

Digger and his potato patch which he tells me he started digging on the 30th. April – he has done other things in between

Olive has continued to mark examination papers. She would have preferred to have been in the garden where it has once again been a lovely day. It started off a bit cloudy but was always warm and by the end of the afternoon the sun was fully out and it was scalding – more of the same, please!

On the sport front, England have now been eliminated from the World Cup (Italy lost against Costa Rica), England are however making a good start to the second Test match having dismissed Sri Lanka for 257 with Liam Plunkett taking five wickets and Stewart Broad taking a hat-trick, Durham lost to Leicestershire in a T20 match at Chester-le-Street.

The summer house at the end of today, looking good in the late afternoon sunshine

In the evening we watched an old episode of ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’ set in Cuba, followed by the News and Newsnight. Walked Mix and went to bed.


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