Thursday 19th. June, 2014 – And still the sun shone! 

Tom spent most of today on the roof of the summer house. Our task for today was to fit the shingles on the roof – I had read in the blurb that someone completely fitted shingles to one of these log cabins in half a day. Well, it is taking us longer – but perhaps we are doing it better! At the end of day one we have completed one side. Perhaps we will get everything completed tomorrow – perhaps not, we are retired and it really doesn’t matter

Up, walked Mix and breakfasted before Tom arrived and we immediately started work on the shingles. It is a finicky job and so important that everything is measured properly. Still, by the end of the afternoon one side was completed and looking wonderful – the strong sun is baking the shingles into place and it is a job well done.

A view of the summer house with the shingles almost completely fitted on the south side. We knocked off for lunch and went to Pearsons for soup followed by a baked potato with prawns. Rachel wasn’t with us because she was in Berwick this morning at her stained-glass class. (This picture was taken in the afternoon once she had returned)

Rachel came to join us this afternoon and started work on staining and varnishing the summer house. The general feeling is that the natural varnish wasn’t strong enough so we are coating it with antique pine. I think that it is going to look very classy once it is completed -- and don't those shingles look good?

At the end of the afternoon, I took Mix for a walk before supper after which we settled in to watch England’s football match against Uruguay. We were as full of hope as many of the commentators but it didn’t work out and England lost 2:1 and, unless every other group result works out for them (with Italy winning both of their remaining matches) then England will be coming home.

I walked Mix and went to bed early.


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