Tuesday 17th. June, 2014 – Today has been fun 

This afternoon Tom, Rachel, Dorothy and I were up in Longformacus (one of the small communities which is joined with Gavinton and Cranshaws for worship). I took this picture from the bridge in the village. Something about running water is always fascinating and, on this the warmest day of the year so far, I could happily have stood and looked into the water for hours

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Afterwards Tom and I started making detailed plans about how to move our projects forward, given that we now have most of the wood for completing the Bothy conversion. First we identified what we still required and went up to Pearsons to order the missing wood. It will be delivered tomorrow. Then, as is so often the way, we decided that rather than complete the roof of the former Bothy we would first complete the summer house by installing the shingles. That will be our task for Thursday and we will try to get an early start and get the job done in the day. So we had to prepare a list of all outstanding bits and pieces we required and then go off and buy them from Pearsons – it was becoming a bit of a procession. (The reason that we have to wait for Thursday is that tomorrow I am away at a Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum meeting in Stirling).

That done, I dropped Tom at his home and came back to the Granary for lunch. After lunch Tom and Dorothy arrived to take Rachel and me to Longformacus with them to meet up with Gay and see around the Church which is no longer in use. It was lovely to see Longformacus Kirk. It has a long history and is a beautiful building and was used until about a year ago. Now derelict, and with the furniture stripped out of it, the plan is that the building – saved by Gay – is to be converted into a museum. I see huge potential in the building and if we can help, then we certainly will. It is fortunate too that it is on the route of the Southern Upland Way, so there will be opportunities of reaching out to those who walk that route.

I took a few pictures:

I love this view of the exterior of the Kirk. I suspect that this is one of the oldest parts of the building and once I know more I will write it up for my diary

Inside, the Kirk is long and narrow – it will lend itself ideally to a new life as a museum and the major exhibit will be the Church itself. It is really attractive

A picture of Dorothy and Rachel admiring one of the stained-glass windows. This is of St. Francis, an appropriate saint to picture here in the countryside in a Kirk surrounded by animals and with walkers passing by

Back home, I took Mix for a walk before dinner (smoked haddock, fabulous) and then in the evening I prepared the music for Arrochar for Sunday and read through some of the correspondence which had come my way. Then it was time to walk Mix before, I hope, settling down to watch tonight’s football match. I am getting quite into the world cup. I enjoyed the game last night (USA versus Ghana – a 2:1 result, as has been every match I have watched.) Perhaps it will be different tonight.

Should report on what other folk got up to today. Olive continues to mark examination papers, Digger continues to dig, Mum went to the hairdresser and Rachel did some gardening, trimming the lawn which I cut yesterday. There is still a lot to do – but we are enjoying it.


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