Monday 16th. June, 2014 – Quite an incredible day 

It may look as though Mum is talking to herself – in fact she is talking to Sandy who is behind the wool, warping up the loom. Progress is being made! Sandy joined Rachel to continue working on the loom today

Woke and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom arrived and we set off for Cranshaws to do a bit of furniture moving for Ann and to have a coffee with Jack.

Then we returned to Mount Pleasant, Tom went off home to visit his grand-daughter’s school where there was an exhibition, I set about cutting the grass! I had bought a lawn mower several months ago but I have always seemed to be too busy to use it – yes, I know that I am retired but I am incredibly busy with building projects and with all my hobbies. It was hard going but by lunchtime I got the grass in the back garden cut and by an hour later I had re-cut the grass around the summer house. There is still a great deal of cutting to be done but I will get on with it this week not least because I need to stay around because I am on call for any pastoral emergency at Gavinton Church while Ann is on holiday.

I lunched in front of the television watching England playing against Sri Lanka in the first Test Match. At lunchtime there was no hint of the drama which was to follow. In fact England very nearly won with Sri Lanka desperately clinging on with their last pair at the wicket when time was called.

Amazon arrived with my I-pad. I have never had an I-pad before and would never have had one had it not been that I got once courtesy of the Royal Bank as a reward for using my credit card. So, much of the rest of the day was spent setting it up and finding out how it worked. I should have known because Rachel has had one for several years but it was all new to me.

Just before dinner, our wood for the next part of our building plan was delivered from the Abbey Sawmill. Tom arrived to help with the delivery and we enjoyed showing the owner around our projects and showing him how we are using his wood.

After our meal I continued setting up my I-pad and then came across to the summer house to sort out my money. Today was the first day of booking for tickets at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse – a rebuilding of the old Blackfriars – and, earlier in the day, I managed to get two super seats for Tis Pity She’s a Whore for next November so that Rachel can visit a theatre she has long wanted to see. So all in all – I-pad, wood, theatre tickets – it has been an incredible day.

Everyone else had a day spent largely at home – Mum pottered, Digger cut his grass this afternoon, Rachel worked with Sandy and later went off to walk Rowan and to visit the library, Olive is working hard in her study from morning until night marking examination papers for ACCA.

I walked Mix after Newsnight and at the moment I post this, I intend to watch a bit of the football before I go to bed. Last night I enjoyed Argentina against Bosnia: I was supporting Bosnia and, although they were defeated, they played rather well – a bit like England the night before.


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