Friday 13th. June, 2014 – We are at leisure 

Rachel took this picture (and the one below) on her new telephone so I just had to include them!

Woke and walked Mix before breakfast, leaving soon afterwards in my car with Cathy, Rachel, Mix and Rowan for Berwick where Cathy caught the ten to ten bus to take her on the first leg of her journey to Luss. Having ensured that Cathy caught her bus, the rest of us went off to Cocklaw Burn beach where we wandered and enjoyed the wild open sands and the black rocks where the burn crossed the beach on its way to the sea – Rowan ran for all that she was worth, Mix and I walked more sedately, Rachel called regularly to Rowan to ensure that she didn’t get too far away.

Eventually we made our way back to the car. We didn’t come back the way we had gone because Rachel was sure that she knew a shortcut. Well, as you may have guessed, it didn’t turn out that way and soon we were lost – not totally, we did find our way home but a short-cut it wasn’t.

Back home we remembered that we were short of dog food so we drove into Duns to collect a sack of something both dogs rather enjoy and because we were already in the metropolis we went off to the Co-op and did a bit of shopping as well.

Everything one does has consequences. We had been shopping for food so when we returned home I popped one of the pizzas we had just bought into the oven and enjoyed a bigger lunch than I had planned.

By now the weather was turning for the worse. There was nothing for it but that Mix and I should move out to the summer house and keep an eye on the cricket and read my book. After the storm moved away we went for a walk and then joined Olive and Digger in the farmhouse for a Chinese take-away. We had initially decided that we would all fend for ourselves this evening because Digger had got a message from a friend of his brother that he and his family were in the area, and inviting Olive and Digger to go for a meal with them. However that fell through because the friend was too tired to drive over to this part of the Borders and as a result we shared a Chinese meal – consequences you see!

Mum was out of it this evening because she had gone off with some friends from her reading group to the Borders Book Festival at Melrose. She saw the presentation of the Walter Scott Award which went to Robert Harris for his historical novel entitled 'An Officer and a Spy'. He was presented with a cheque for £25,000.

In the evening Mix and I returned to the summer house where I completed the Peter James novel I was reading, while Rachel watched a film on television. I have come to the conclusion that I have been spending too many evenings watching television and am going to do other things over the summer – Rachel says it is because I can only do one thing at a time and that when she watches television she is doing other things at the same time. Ah, well.

But the very idea, just a few months ago of being able to spend an evening with one’s dog reading a novel. Isn’t life wonderful?


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