Wednesday 11th. June, 2014 – Adventures 

Olive spent most of today in the garden. Here she has discovered some strawberries growing at the edge of one of the lawns (near the bar-b-cue area) and she is clearing out the grass and weeds so that we may be able to enjoy the strawberries when they have had a bit more sun

Up and walked Mix, breakfasted and then got things ready to take to the boat. Tom arrived and we set off. It was a pleasant drive as the sun was shining down and when we got to the reservoir we discovered that our boat had been placed in the boat park (which is only accessible from the water) so we realised that the RYA had used the boat over the weekend, as we had said they could.

However, anxious to take care of our equipment, everything had been placed under lock and key in one of their stores and, with no one there, sailing was out of the question. To be honest neither Tom nor really minded because the wind was rather strong for an exploratory sail. We spoke to the person in charge by telephone and we will collect our sails etc. tomorrow. We were told that our boat had sailed well -- and that is pleasing to know!

We drove home and on the way we stopped off at Fantoosh in the market square at Duns for lunch – apple juice and a ploughman’s – which was really nice. Back home I settled down to do some reading and took Mix for a good walk. Everyone else was busy – Digger was digging his potato patch and Cathy was working on the chairs in the lounge, Mum and Olive were both in the garden and Rachel was spring-cleaning the Granary.

Cathy here is re-upholstering Olive’s dining room chairs. It is a real work of art, a labour of love, a continuation of a dying skill – and, yes, it is all of these. Also in the picture however is the chair which Digger made out of greenwood when he went off and spent a week or so in a forest and learned to work with wood without the benefit of modern tools. I’ve sat on the seat and it is a good one too

We all ate in the farmhouse (fish pie is one of my favourites and Rachel had produced some rum and raisin ice-cream to go with the rice and black current jam cooked by Olive). Afterwards we watched Law and Order UK followed by the News. And when I walked Mix before bed it was still light – but then it has been a really lovely day.


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