Monday 9th. June, 2014 – Unexpectedly, another glorious day 

The Stables are really taking shape and are now becoming a real weaving place

Woke and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom was not coming today as the weather forecast was not great but it turned out to be a splendid day. I sat in the garden in my shorts reading a book and then later, when the sun did go in for a bit I moved to the summer house (which was roasting) and continued reading by now with both Mix and Rowan for company.

I moved back into the Granary for lunch and Tom arrived bearing gifts of honey for the Granary and the Farmhouse. He helped me assemble my new strimmer (or put right my errors!) and we nipped into Duns for two-stroke oil to get it operational. Then we helped Rachel by fitting two units to the walls of the stables and by moving a wardrobe from the Hen House into the Stables. We then sat down in the summer house and enjoyed a lengthy coffee and chat – largely about our plans to go sailing on Wednesday.

Rachel went off to buy ear-protectors for me so that I can strim in safety! I walked Mix and then came back to the summer house to do some more reading – this is quite addictive.

We all ate together in the farm house – Digger having gone and collected Olive from the station. Olive had been in Dundee for the final time tying up the loose ends at the completion of her working career.

In the evening we retired to the Granary and watched a bit of TV (the second part of a programme about the Battle of Bannockburn). Life is one long holiday. I feel that any moment I am going to wake up and be summoned to work for my living. But until then we have buildings to construct, golf to be played, sailing to be undertaken, and cricket to be watched, books to be read. It is a hard life – but someone has to do it.

Walked Mix – who is really enjoying his new and relaxed life – and went to bed.


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