Sunday 8th. June, 2014 – Pentecost 

Today started almost before yesterday ended. Rachel walked Rowan and came to tell me that against the wall of one of the barns by the side of the A6112 was a blue carrying box for a bird and nestled down beside it was a rooster. Well, there was little point in telling me that so I went off and wakened Digger who came and joined us. Rachel had coaxed the rooster into the garden by the summer house and from there he was trapped in the hedge and carried by Rachel into the courtyard where he was put back in his box with some sawdust, some food and some water before being installed for the night in the loom room. Someone has obviously abandoned him outside our farmhouse – a pretty miserable thing to do but then I despair of humanity sometimes. He was lucky not to have been run over and, had it not been for the sharp eyes of Rowan he might not have been noticed

Because I was up, I looked at my emails and discovered one from Dorothy with two pictures of the honey-making process which I wrote about in yesterday’s entry. This is a picture of Tom’s new honey extractor in operation

And here is a close up of the spun honey being deposited into a container. In all Dorothy and Tom harvested eighteen pounds of honey

Went to bed and was up again at eight. Showered and walked Mix before setting off for Gavinton Church a little earlier than usual because both Rachel and I had to read during the service and we wanted to find out what the ground rules were.

Ann conducted a meditative service on the theme of Pentecost and the power of the wind both in reality and as a symbol of God’s power in the world. After the service we all met up over coffee in the church hall. Explained our cockerel adventures to Tom and Dorothy who said that they would pop along and take the new Rooster to join their band of cockerels – and later, in the afternoon, Tom duly arrived and put Oliver – for that is his new name – back into his box and took him back to Gavinton where he will have company and lots of room.

Tom and Digger persuading Oliver into his box so that he can be transported chez Stewart

In between times, we all had a late lunch at the farmhouse – later than usual because this morning Olive had a student who is getting ready for a big accounting examination on Tuesday.

In the afternoon I settled down in the summerhouse with Mix – it has been another gorgeous day – to watch the men’s final from the French Open, Nadal defeating Djokovic in a hard fought match over four sets (of which Djokovic won the first).

In the evening Rachel went to Berwick for Evensong, while Mum was driven into Berwick to attend Duns Church for a musical event featuring Stuart Townend, a modern hymn writer and musician. On Rachel’s return we moved back into the Granary (from the summer house – we being Mix, Rowan and I) where we had a very pleasant snack and watched Quirke before walking the dogs, this time with no adventures at all!


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