Wednesday 4th. June, 2014 – A foul day, at least as far as the weather was concerned 

Today it rained – it really rained – I haven’t seen rain like it since I lived in the west and for most of the day the dogs and I spent the time in the summer house where we were cosy and warm. I had plenty to do and the dogs slept on Mix’s huge cushion

Walked Mix in the bucketing rain before breakfast and then spent almost the entire day in the summer house. It was just so wet there was nothing else to do. I completed my book, read another book, lamented the fact that rain had washed out the Durham cricket match (which they were in a fine position to win), watched Andy Murray’s tennis match in the French Open (which he won – but not until after we had enjoyed our evening meal). To be honest, my summer house is a wonderful place and I really enjoyed a day of enforced relaxation in it today. It reminded me of holidays when it was wet and we just had to stay in and make our own entertainment, really quite special.

The reason I had both dogs was because Rachel was in Edinburgh lunching with her friend Ann and then visiting the glass man in Dunbar. Mum attended her book group this morning and a Guild Rally this evening. Olive and Digger went off to Berwick to do some shopping. Cathy continued work on the dining room chairs. This evening after we had eaten, and after Andy Murray had won his match, Cathy, Rachel and I watched an episode of New Tricks followed by the News.

I walked Mix before bed – it is still bucketing down, but the forecast for tomorrow is a little better.


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