Tuesday 3rd. June, 2014 – It’s summer and, in spite of the weather forecast, it really is summer! 

Cathy spent this morning working in the garden weeding and this afternoon she sat in the garden and started work on reupholstering some of Olive’s dining room chairs. What a talent! And how much we enjoy having Cathy down here with us

I got up and walked Mix before breakfast after which Tom and I went up to the Abbey sawmill at Abbey St. Bathans to talk about wood for our Bothy project. The gentleman who owns the sawmill is a real gentleman and is giving us enormous help which we really appreciate. We continued on to the Whiteadder reservoir to look to sail there perhaps later in the week. It was again deserted but we met a fisherman who said that he often saw folk coming and sailing there so there shouldn’t be a problem. We wrote down every phone number from the different notice boards and we will continue to phone them but so far they all just ring out unanswered.

Back home it was lunch time. Rachel had run Mum into Duns for her hairdressing appointment and later she collected her. Cathy's exploits have been recorded under her picture. Olive was also in the garden working (although later she was marking dissertations in her study), Digger was in his allotment and Rachel was in the Loom Room. Everywhere was a hive of activity.

This afternoon I prepared the music for Arrochar for Sunday, did a bit of reading, followed the cricket in England (Durham are doing well against Middlesex but will be thwarted by the weather tomorrow; England lost to Sri Lanka), and walked Mix.

Rachel and I set off for Berwick about five-thirty to attend the National Theatre production of ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’. This records life as seen through the eyes of Christopher who is suffering from Asperger syndrome. It was quite simply a mind-blowing production. What made it so were some extremely powerful, intelligent and skilful performances added to a wonderfully conceived and directed piece which used all of the resources of quite an intimate theatre space, using sound and light and special effects to add to the performances. As Christopher, Luke Treadaway was better than words can describe, he was sympathetic, determined and with the ability to draw us all into his world. It was also a real pleasure to see Niamh Cusack (whom I remember from Heart Beat), Nicola Walker (from Spooks) and Una Stubbs (from so many television shows). I also thought that Paul Ritter as Christopher’s father was very good. It was little surprise to see the audience at the National Theatre rising as one to give the cast (and there were other excellent performances as well) a rousing standing-ovation. It really was that good and we are so fortunate to be able to visit the National Theatre by popping along to the Maltings at Berwick (which was all but full, I was glad to see).

Back home, I walked Mix and went to bed. What a grand day!


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