Sunday 1st. June, 2014 – The First Day of Summer. It’s Official! 

I took this picture before the morning service today. It was Tom’s first Sunday in charge – the elder on duty. He looked the part and did it well

I got up really early and, after showering and dressing in my Sunday best, I walked Mix along the Swinton Road. It was before 7.30 a.m. and I saw almost no vehicles at all – how sadly different from yesterday morning.

I breakfasted early too but, as the rally had been cancelled, there was no need to set off as early as we had planned. Instead we made a leisurely journey to Gavinton Church arriving at half-past nine. We had a little get-together Rachel, Dorothy, Tom and I, to go through the service which had been entrusted to me as Ann was away conducting a selection school for the Church of Scotland. After prayers for the events of yesterday, our theme was the conclusion of the season of Easter and the Festival of Ascension.

We joined everyone for coffee after the service and then returned home. I cleaned more of Olivetub and then we all dined in the farmhouse – for me Olive had made a cheese and bean pie, a real favourite of mine. It was yummy!

In the afternoon I helped Rachel unpack boxes from the Cart Shed and move them into the Stables (wool etc for the loom) and then helped Olive free up a book case which also went to the Stables.

Finally I escaped to the summer house to listen to Durham’s magnificent opening day against Middlesex where, having been put into bat, Durham ended the day on 411 for four with two monumental innings played by Mark Stoneman and Scott Borthwick. Unfortunately the weather forecast doesn’t look too good for the next few days. But I did watch the weather forecast on the BBC and the presenter told us that today, according to the met office, is the first day of summer. I am looking forward to a really good summer with lots of out-door activities and the opportunity to do many of the things I haven't had time to do in recent years when I have been working.

Rachel went off to Berwick to Evensong and I looked after the dogs. On her return I did a bit more boat-cleaning before we had a snack and then watched this evening’s episode of Quirke which Rachel rather enjoyed and I found a little tedious. Then it was time to walk Mix and retire to bed. I really am quite tired tonight.


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