Friday 30th. May, 2014 – A trip to St. Boswell’s and the Jim Clark Rally gets underway 

Up early and walked Mix – don’t know when we’ll be able to walk again as for the next three days the Jim Clark Rally is to be all around us. I went out to wait for Tom and Dorothy who were taking me with them to the St. Boswell’s Market. I was a bit early so I took this picture of inside Digger’s dome while I was waiting – so now you know what he has been doing

At St. Boswell’s, where everything is laid out on the ground and folk wander around looking for bargains for which they will later place a bid

Here the crowd are following the auctioneer so that they can catch his eye when he auctions something in which they have an interest

We arrived at the market or the auction I suppose would be a better title. There was a lot to buy and there were many people there but nothing really caught our eye so we went off and had a roll with sausages in it, a cup of coffee and a chocolate biscuit and then we set off for home. It had been a good morning ... but all was to change.

On arriving home I discovered that Mix was lost and that Rachel and Digger had been searching for him for an hour or so. With all of the rally cars in the area I was really scared but I set off walking down towards the bridge and over it, all the time calling for Mix. Suddenly, after calling, I turned around and there he was, racing along the road to me, leaping up and as pleased as punch to have found me.

Up ahead, Rachel was in her car and when she saw Mix alive and well she burst into tears. She said we didn't deserve to be so fortunate -- no, but perhaps he does. We brought him home, loaded him into my car and went off to look for Digger. He found his own way home and telephoned to say he was home so we returned via Duns so we could see the preparations for the rally which started in earnest later in the afternoon.

Duns is looking very good for the rally and for the large influx of visitors. Everywhere there are big bags of sand. I thought that these would be in case petrol or oil spilled on the road but Tom tells me that they are to provide protection in case a car spins and would otherwise damage the town centre

And here are more sandbags in what will soon become a no-go area for any cars other than those involved in the rally

Back home, I came slowly down to earth. Mix was OK. Of course, his perspective was so different from mine. He left home because I was away and, I suspect, in his mind he was looking for me. When he found me, he brought me home and so he was happy. Our post mortem discovered that the gate had been left open in error and that, in fact, both dogs had escaped but Rowan had gone off to see Digger in his dome and it was only when Digger brought her back to Rachel that Mix’s escape was discovered. We have been extremely fortunate.

I spent the afternoon in the summer house preparing for Sunday, counting my blessings, and listening to Durham win a T20 cricket match (against Nottinghamshire). We ate late because Olive was away in Dundee all day and Digger had to collect her – but we ate well and afterwards Olive joined us to watch the second part of From Then to Now. One part to go.

Should have mentioned that Sandy was back today helping Rachel with the Loom. Now we have to get all of the wool and other supplies together so that work can start on getting it ready to weave. Exciting times.

Tonight cars have been rattling around Mount Pleasant. Naturally we have kept the dogs locked in the Granary – but Olive and I went out and had a little look. I’m told that the cars are not really rallying as they pass us by – well, you could have fooled me – but it is rather fun to watch the cars roaring around the corners and making so much noise as they rev through their gear-boxes and empty their exhausts; and the cars are all brightly painted and dressed for the occasion. The cars seem to be ending up at Bogend Farm end from where they will rally through to Polmont and then, at around 1 a.m. our bit of involvement in the rally will come to an end. I'm told that this is an important weekend for the local economy -- it will give people a huge amount of enjoyment as well.

Here are three pictures I took as the cars drove past our home:

Mix didn’t get a walk this evening – we made do with a stroll around the garden. Safer that way!


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