Thursday 29th. May, 2014 – The Good Weather Returns 

Tom is on the roof as the first of the beams is fitted in place. Tom tells me that the difficult work has now been done!

Woke and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom arrived and we set about preparing the second of the triangular structures which will hold the roof beams in place. Before lunch we had it completed and base boards placed on the walls of the Bothy.

I took a bit of time out to show Mum’s friend’s Betty and Moira around our complex and to explain what we were doing. At lunchtime Sue arrived to return some cutlery and I started work on the service which I am to conduct on Sunday.

Then in the afternoon we managed to erect the two triangular structures onto the walls of the bothy and to ensure that they remained in place by fitting four of the roof beams. Next time we are working we have an additional twelve roof beams to fit and then we shall complete the roof by fitting sarking, covering the roof with felt and then with shingles.

The work on the roof completed for today, I retired to the summerhouse to work on the service for Sunday, to deal with some emails and to sort out my finances.

Meanwhile everyone else had been extremely busy: Rachel had gone for lunch to Berwick with her friends in the stained-glass class, Mum had gone out for the day with her friends Betty and Moira, Olive was working in her study in preparation for a meeting with her students in Dundee tomorrow and Digger was digging in his dome (the ground outside was too wet from yesterday’s rain).

In the evening Mum went off with her friends for a meal in the Black Bull. The rest of us dined as usual and in the middle of the meal there was a power failure as a result of which, after dinner, Mix and I went for a walk, returning to find power returned enabling Rachel and I to watch From Then To Now (which I really enjoyed).

We now have a new Scottish News programme on BBC2 at 10.30 with Newsnight delayed until later. As a result I watched Question Time which I found to be quite an unedifying experience – rude and fairly ill-informed and certainly quite unpleasant. Not good.

I walked Mix and went to bed.


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