Wednesday 28th. May, 2014 – Weatherwise: Rotten; otherwise: Not so bad at all 

Sandy was back today working on the loom. I understand that he is coming back on Friday and that by the end of Friday the loom will be back in order and ready to be set up for weaving

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom arrived and we all chatted around the table. It is a thoroughly rotten day and there is no prospect of working on the roof of the bothy today. So instead it was a day for an adventure!

Yesterday Tom and I had explored Whiteadder Reservoir. Initially we had wondered whether it would be suitable in which to sail Olivebank. It clearly isn’t so we have been toying with the idea of getting hold of a small sailing dinghy with which to have some fun. This morning we explored the internet to see what was available at a cheap price. We found a Wayfarer and an Enterprise, both of which we shall have a look at when we can. We ‘phoned the number of the waterboard to ensure that we can have access to the water. The number given for information at the lochside claimed to have no knowledge and passed us on to another number from which we got no reply all day but we did speak to a local person who lives right beside the reservoir and who assured us that there would be no problem sailing there.

Tom fixing the loom to the floor according to Sandy’s instructions

In the afternoon, the rain continued and after ensuring that the loom was firmly screwed to the floor in the position determined by Sandy, Tom and I set off for Berwick and Eyemouth to look at boats. We didn’t find any suitable boats but we did run into my friends David and Dianna with their son Jamie and we did see some rather fine larger yachts.

Back home the dogs and I retired to the summer house until Rachel returned from her trip to Edinburgh and Dunbar – in Edinburgh she was visiting the Apple Shop, in Dunbar (except that it was closed) she had hoped to buy some coloured glass. Ann set off for home just before lunch, Digger was pottering in his garden, Olive was working in her study (with Mix as her guest while Tom and I were at Eyemouth) while Mum had two friends to visit from Play Group days (Betty and Moira who are visiting the Borders and staying at the Black Bull) – they stayed with us for our evening meal and tomorrow, when they return to pick up Mum for a day out in the Borders, we will show them around the policies.

In the evening we watched a bit of television including catching up with Happy Valley before walking the dogs and bed.


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