Tuesday 27th. May, 2014 – A Visit to Whiteadder Reservoir 

When I arrived for Tom this morning, I found that he was rotivating his extensive garden – this picture is particularly for Digger who believes that there is something intrinsically decadent about using mechanical means to turn over the soil

Up early today, showered and walked Mix before driving to the doctor’s surgery for my appointment at 8.20. The doctor has been conducting an investigation into my back and told me that all of the tests based on my blood sample had proved that I was in fine health – kidney, liver, blood sugar, infection, prostate and so on. My x-ray had also found nothing sinister just wear and tear and the aftermath of an old sports injury at the base of my spine. So I will continue to get pain if I sit for too long or if I bend over but it is nothing about which to be concerned. I am indeed fortunate – and how lucky we are that doctors can find out so much from blood and an x-ray. I remember an old episode of Star Trek when the doctor expressed horror that someone had been opened up for an operation to be performed – maybe one day that too will reflect reality.

Went off to collect Tom and to drive with him to Jack and Ann’s home up at Cranshaws where we helped clear out a barn (we are acknowledged experts in this art, although to be fair by our standards this barn was hardly in need of much work at all) and move some furniture around.

After a coffee (and excellent coconut cake – unfortunately not cut into triangular pieces) Tom and I drove up to Whiteadder Reservoir to spy out the land for sailing. It is only suitable for small dinghy sailing but, as we are missing sailing enormously, this may be what we have to do. It certainly looked lovely.

Whiteadder reservoir

These geese greeted us on our arrival at Whiteadder reservoir

And this little fellow kelp a watching eye on us as we explored

I dropped Tom off for lunch and returned to the Granary where everyone was busy doing their own things. Rachel and Ann had been planning their craft activities for the coming months, Mum had gone to the hairdresser (driver by Digger) after which she met her friend Jim for lunch in the Black Bull before a drive around Gavinton and Fogo. Their planning completed, Rachel and Anne set off for lunch at The Hirsel and a general explore of the Borders. Digger kept busy in his allotment and Olive had a visit from Stewart from Luss (to collect his books) and to be shown around all that is going on. Tom came down to join me in completing the first frame for the Bothy roof and to start work on the second. The plan, weather permitting, is to complete the second frame tomorrow and then to erect the frames and the connecting roof beams on Thursday. We shall see.

With such large timbers we have definitely developed onto big boys’ joinery

Later in the afternoon Jim and Mum came to join me in the summer house where we talked about theatre and a bit about London as well. We all met up for dinner in the farmhouse after which Mix and I returned to the summer house for a little while. Again Durham’s cricket has been disrupted by the weather.

Later I watched a bit of the News before bed.


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