Monday 26th. May, 2014 – The Good Weather Returns 

Digger took this picture of Tom and I working on the first of the frames for the roof of the Bothy. The triangular shape has been made and bolted together and we have cut notches into one side of the triangle into which the roof beams will slot. Tom has been doing a great deal of cutting and I have been allowed to brandish a hammer and chisel to make the slots – here I am checking that a beam will fit into the slot which has just been completed while Tom is working on the joint

Up, walked Mix and breakfasted. Soon afterwards Tom arrived and we started work on the Bothy. This involved a great deal of measuring before we could set out the first frame for the roof on the ground and bolt it together (by which time it was lunch-time).

Sandy had arrived and continued to set up the loom:

It is starting to look really good

In the afternoon Tom and I continued working on the fame. Rachel’s friend Ann arrived – she is to be with us for a few days and Rachel has been looking forward enormously to having Ann with us. We showed her around and Rachel and Ann disappeared off to make plans for all that they hope to do.

Mix and I went for a wander – it is a truly lovely day (and yet I look on the computer and see that Durham’s cricket match at Nottingham has been delayed by rain).

We all dined in the farmhouse and afterwards ate chocolates and drank a liqueur brought by Ann in the lounge of the farmhouse before retiring to bed quite early.


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