Sunday 25th. May, 2014 – A Celebration of Scott’s Birthday 

Some of the family in the lounge at Scott and Sue’s home as we gather to celebrate his birthday. It was a grand occasion and a very happy one at which I took a few pictures to enable me to remember a special day

Up, showered and walked Mix before breakfast after which I drove Rachel and Mum to Church at Gavinton. Instead of a sermon today, Anne spoke about the General Assembly which she had attended during this last week. She had clearly enjoyed all of the social elements of the week and had met up with many old friends, several of whom played leading parts in the Assembly and had played them well.

She was less happy with some of the business of the Assembly. Evidently it was agreed that thirty new ministers each year are to be recruited into training for the ministry – where are they to come from? The Mission and Discipleship report did not enthral her and she was concerned (as I expect that much of the Assembly was) that our care services are in several cases not paying staff the living wage. She was impressed by the way that the discussions, both theological and practical, relating to ministers in civil partnerships was dealt with and looks forward to the resulting legislation coming down to Presbyteries for discussion under the ‘Barrier Act’. There was a lot of colour in her report and it is good that congregations should learn what happens at the Assembly, particularly now that it receives much less news coverage than in the past.

We had coffee in the Church hall and then returned home, only to set off soon afterwards for my brother Scott’s special birthday party. Almost all of the family were there and, as usual at family gatherings there was a quiz, an excellent meal and a lot of fun and chat.

Also as usual I took some pictures with which to embarrass everyone in the future:

My niece Katie, from her seat on the floor, spoke beautifully about her Dad and how special he was

Scott, covered in no little embarrassment, replied to Katie’s words, and the toast proposed by her brother Nick

Mum and Katie enjoying the party

Sue had arranged this extraordinary birthday cake

and Scott blew out the candles

‘Print never used to be so small when we were young.’ Scott with his long-time friend Jim

‘Now that’s a real camera.’ My nephew Nick and his wife Amy – it was super to see them again

Scott’s in-laws brought him this magnificent present of a chair – well, he is older now and will need to spend more time sitting down

As the day went on people gradually left, Mum and I being the last to leave and make our way back to the Granary and a warm welcome from the dogs.

Later we watched a bit of television (Olive and Mum joined us to watch the first part of Quirke – it was excellent) and went to bed to watch the election results from around Europe (having walked the dogs first).


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