Friday 23rd. May, 2014 – Not a Warm Day 

After the almost Mediterranean temperatures of recent days, today was extremely cold and not a little damp. I was kept going all day by the thought of gathering around the stove in the Granary in the evening

Up, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse. Tom arrived and we did not work at all. Nothing was being done in the Loom Room so there was nothing for us to do to help and it was cold and damp outside – not the best time to start working with roof timbers for the Bothy. So we sat with the heater on in the summer house and put the world to rights.

When Tom left I made sure that I had a wedding service in order for tomorrow and did some reading – it was that kind of a day. I didn’t walk Mix this afternoon: his ankle is getting better but I think he will be the better of a day without too much activity.

Olive and Digger were in Dundee today – Olive to do some work at the University – and both to go on to visit Kirkcaldy. Here we collected Rachel’s Berlingo, now not only well-shod with new tires and fully serviced but clean as well. This in turn spilled over into her determination to gut the bedroom which occupied her time this afternoon.

We all dined together in the evening after which Rachel and I returned to our lovely warm lounge and watched ‘Have I got News for You’ and the News programmes which concentrated on the English local election results of yesterday and the consternation caused to the political classes by Nigel Farage and UKIP.

I took Mix for a short walk before bed. His leg seems to be much, much better.


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