Thursday 22nd. May, 2014 – Polling Day 

Our convoy of cars – Mum and Rachel are in my car, Digger is behind with Olive holding the gate and holding up her voting card to show that we are all off to Duns to register our votes in the European Election. I suppose I shouldn’t reveal for whom we voted, other than to say we all voted for a party committed to a future in Europe

Slept in and enjoyed coffee in bed brought to me by Rachel before she set off for Berwick to attend her glass-making course. She had a problem with the car’s gear box on the way but Tom materialised out of nowhere as her guardian angel and sorted the problem instantly.

It is a filthy wet, horrid day today – just the kind of day you really don’t want for an election, nor for any other reason that I can think of. I went across to the summer house (which was freezing cold) and prepared the music for Arrochar and the wedding for Saturday and then went back in and lit a fire in the Granary.

As soon as Rachel returned we all set off to Duns to register our votes, Olive and Digger staying on to do some shopping as well. Tom had popped in briefly to see me earlier – it wasn’t a day to be working but we hope to be back at it tomorrow.

I had something to eat (because I’ll miss dinner tonight); enjoyed a shower and changed my clothes before setting off to pick up Scott and take hime to the Maltings where we saw ‘Blofeld and Baxter: Memories of a Test Match Special’ which I enjoyed enormously. For two parts each of an hour two elderly men entertained us with stories of their experiences in the radio commentary box of Test Match Special. It was amusing, comic, interesting and occasionally rude and it was a really professional and polished show. Great fun.

Came home and watched some of the English election results – the European results don’t come in until Sunday at the earliest. Walked Mix before bed – Mix has a bad leg, he has sprained his ankle so we are doing as little walking as possible – Mix’s choice, not mine. But he will be fine and he remains in good spirits.


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