Wednesday 21st. May, 2014 – A really good day 

This is a picture I took a day or two ago of the bothy filled with bits of boats and Digger's dome. It is here that we started work today

Up early and walked Mix. During breakfast at the farmhouse Tom arrived for we are to start work on the bothy today. In fact we started by clearing everything out of the bothy – plants, boats and anchors, oars etc. Then, while I took a phone call about a wedding, Tom made wedges for the loom.

We completed the clear out of the bothy and when Rachel returned from Duns we all had coffee in the farmhouse and then lunch in the garden – a bit of a celebration because I got the good news that the blood tests I had taken last week had shown me to be in fairly good health.

It was lovely to sit and relax over lunch in the sunshine

In the afternoon, we drove to Duns – Rachel to drop her Berlingo off at the garage for its service tomorrow; Tom and I to pick up Rachel and to buy sand and cement, bolts and some creosote, all for the Bothy.

Soon we had the cement mixer in operation and the wall at the west end of the Bothy stabilised. With that we called it a day, Tom returning home where he was on tea duty, me to the summer house with Mix to catch up on the cricket (Durham are not doing too well against Somerset). Mix and I went for a walk. I was in shorts, such is the quality of the summer weather we are experiencing.

Rachel spent much of the day in her new Loom Room based in the stables while Olive and Digger started to clear some of their possessions out of the large barn. Mum had a relaxing day having got a bit tired as a result of the parties and visits of recent days.

We dined in the farmhouse at 7 p.m. and afterwards we relaxed in front of the television watching the final two parts of ‘Fleming’ which I thoroughly enjoyed before walking Mix and retiring to bed. I’ll sleep well tonight – life is good!

We erected scaffolding to enable us to access the wall to be stabilised

A picture from further away setting the Bothy in the context of the farmyard. This work is important because until we have somewhere to unload all of the boxes currently stored in the Hen House we cannot progress that part of our project. In the Hen House there is a large part of the building to which we have not yet gained access since soon after we arrived because it is so full of boxes. This Bothy will enable us to empty the Hen House and complete the Hen House conversion. It really is like one of those little puzzles with the one blank square through which everything has to be moved as order is created

Tom is using cement to ensure that the top of the end wall is solid before we start to build a roof

Here we have moved the scaffolding and Tom has moved on to the other side of the wall


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