Tuesday 20th. May, 2014 – Sandy starts to re-erect the Loom 

Along with people from all around the world I joined the audience at the Royal Opera House in London for their performance this evening of La Traviata. For the first time ever an opera from the Royal Opera House was streamed to large screens around the country and to the internet – and all totally free! The performance and the streaming went superbly well and I really enjoyed it, sitting in the comfort of my summer house

Up and walked Mix and then drove my car to the Cheeklaw Garage for its MOT. Walked half-way back to Mount Pleasant before Rachel collected me! Breakfasted in the farmhouse and then came out to the summer house and did some reading, but almost at once the delivery of wood for the roof of the Bothy arrived. We got the gates open and the timber unloaded. Rachel drove Mum into Duns for her hair appointment and no sooner did she return than I got a call to say that my car was ready.

Rachel ran me in to collect the car and once I was home it was nearly time to collect Mum. Back at the Granary I had a couple of rolls for lunch before Sandy and Rita arrived to start to erect the Loom. The difficult part is all now done and it required Sandy, Rita, Rachel, Digger, Olive and me to be on hand to hold bits in place. The work will be completed on Friday once Sandy has made some little wooden pegs to hold everything together.

We all had coffee and happy chatter in the farmhouse before Sandy and Rita set off for home. They had brought with them Jean, a friend of Mum's from Galashiels days who had a happy afternoon chatting with Mum in her garden room. After their departure, I came back to the summer house with Mix – we are not walking too much today because Mix has hurt one of his paws, nothing serious, but he seems happy to rest on his huge cushion.

I was fascinated by the live streaming from the Royal Opera House of La Traviata, which conflicted with the T20 England versus Sri Lanka cricket match. Communication is spectacular nowadays.

We dined in the farmhouse and then I retired to the summer house to watch La Traviata. Absolutely great and, I hope, a taste of things to come. Later, by contrast, I watched Happy Valley on the television before walking Mix and retiring to bed.

Here are some pictures of the main task of the day – erecting the loom:

Rita, Sandy and Rachel separate out all of the bits of the loom which had been piled in the middle of the floor

The basis of the frame begins to emerge

The big, swinging part of the loom is taken to the frame and it is clear that additional help will be required to lift it into place and secure it on the frame

Digger, Sandy, Rita, Rachel and Olive complete the delicate manoeuvre and the back of the construction has been broken

Flushed with the success of their efforts, the team pose for the obligatory group photograph


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