Friday 16th. May, 2014 – Summer has arrived! 

Rachel has done magnificently and has taken the barn (for which Tom and I created a floor) and has created something really special. The loom is ready to erect and this will be a fabulous craft centre and loom room

Up and walked Mix before breakfast, during which Tom arrived and took me off to collect my car which has been being serviced. We came back to Mount Pleasant and collected the Bongo and took it off to have a slow puncture repaired, leaving it in Duns to have this done. We went on to Tweedmouth where we ordered the timber for the roof of the Bothy. It will be delivered on Tuesday and then we can crack on. Time was marching on so we had an early lunch at Marks and Spencer before returning home, collecting the Bongo on the way.

Discovered Rachel hard at work in the Stables. What a difference she has made. Mum went off to her reading group and Olive was in Dundee seeing students and getting them ready to hand in their dissertations next week.

Tom gave Rachel another crash course in how to use the special camping features in the Bongo, Digger dug in the allotment and I sorted out some bits and pieces in the summer house before walking Mix and reporting to the farmhouse for scrambled egg on toast before driving Rachel and Mum to the Maltings where we met up with Olive for a drink in the bar before watching ‘Get Up and Tie Your Fingers’, a play which is touring down the east coast from Musselburgh to Hastings telling the story of the fisher lassies and the tragic loss of the Eyemouth fishing fleet in 1881.

The cast is made up of three professional actresses (Barbara Marten, Sian Mannifield and Samantha Foley), two students and local singers (in costume as part of the play) from each of the areas where the play is performed. There were just over thirty folk on stage – all female – and so quite a small scale production appeared much larger, and the involvement of local singers ensured a capacity audience. It was a moving story, well told, and I and everyone else clearly enjoyed the production which is being supported by an exhibition ‘Follow the Herring’ which Rachel intends to visit tomorrow.

Back home, I had something to eat and walked Mix before bed. It has been a good day – glorious weather ... real summer weather ... and down at Chester le-Street Durham recorded a victory in the T20 competition against Worcester.


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