Thursday 15th. May, 2014 – Christian Aid and a good walk 

This afternoon we took the dogs up behind Duns Castle – Rowan doesn’t walk to the lead very well and I have caught Rachel hanging on for dear life

Rose early and walked Mix. We all breakfasted earlier than usual at 8.30 because at nine, Dorothy and Rachel were driving into Berwick for their stained-glass class, taking with them Cathy who was catching a bus back to Luss via Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Tom and I spent a wee while in the summer house (Tom was working out all of the wood which we shall require to restore the Bothy) and then we set off for Gavinton, for the Village Hall, where we assisted the ladies in their preparations for Christian Aid lunches. We put out the tables and chairs and then set about creating our bookstall:

The work of setting up the bookstall completed, Tom peruses some of the items on sale – giving a good impression of being a reading sailor

There were lots of books on display. Everything on the first table cost just £2, the next table was £1, and the two tables beyond that was 50 p. (We had another table of cook books next to the cake and candy table offering a cook book for just 50 p. with every sale from that table.) There were some excellent books and I ended up buying several myself

We lunched on soup while we were there and then helped dismantle everything in the early afternoon, taking our stock of books to the Church hall where we are now ready for the next sale.

We dropped off some of the excess of books at the Charity Shop in Duns and then continued on to the Garage where my car is not quite ready – it is having a service – but I will collect it tomorrow morning.

Back at Mount Pleasant, Digger had got a message to say that someone wanted to look around Mum’s flat in Kirkcaldy, so he dropped everything and drove up to Kirkcaldy to show the gentleman around. (Mum was at the Christian Aid lunch and then visiting with her friend Annie.)

Rachel and I loaded the dogs into her Berlingo and drove up to Duns Castle where we walked the dogs through the trees. We came across this stone:

This stone marks the site of the earlier town of Dunse

The inscription reads:
This stone marks the
site of the old town
of Dunse destroyed
in the border raids

To get my bearings I took a picture from the stone of Duns Castle:

Duns Castle in the trees from the Dunse Stone (also in the trees)

We stopped in at the Co-op on the way home to allow Rachel to buy some more items to make ice cream – her efforts are being appreciated.

We all dined together at seven after which we all went our separate ways, Rachel and I to the Granary were we relaxed in front of the television before it was time for bed. In fact we watched the first two parts of a film entitled 'Fleming' based, loosely I expect, upon the life of the creator of James Bond. It was fun.


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