Tuesday 13th. May, 2014 – The Dome is erected 

A behind the scenes (or rather, below the stairs) shot of Mix ensuring that the dishwasher is operating satisfactorily and that nothing which shouldn’t has been put in the machine

I woke, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse. It was a glorious morning and, as Tom wasn’t coming to join us this morning, I suggested to Digger that we set to and erected his dome. We recruited Olive, Cathy and Rachel and the sequence of pictures below documents our morning activity.

In this first picture you can see quite clearly that there is nothing here -- no dome hidden behind a wall or hiding behind a hedge -- everything looks quite ordinary

Leaning against the Hen House are some panels which Digger had created earlier, some fifteen of them in all

The first panels are manhandled into place and fixed to bolts which Digger had earlier mounted in concrete to provide a firm foundation

Now Rachel can be seen using plastic ties to pull the panels together and hold them in place

The ground floor level has now been completed -- that panel to the right is clear because it will soon house a window (yes, I know you can see through every panel but windows are required for ventilation as well)

Work has now started on fitting the second floor level, or the roof section, in place. This is made up of five triangular sections

Everything is nearly done. Rachel looks out of the one roof section which still has to be fitted

It is completed! All of the panels have now been put in position and held with ties. Digger will have to tighten them all up but the donkey work has now been done -- and doesn't it look good?

With the job complete I went off to collect Mum from her hairdressing appointment (Rachel had run her there earlier in the morning). We all dined on left-overs in the farmhouse and then we set about our different activities: Tom, Rachel and I were working in the Stables, our bits are now all done, a little bit of painting remains and Rachel has that in hand. Digger was tightening up the straps in his dome, ensuring that everything was in the right place. Cathy went back to re-upholstering the chair she has been working on while Mum read a book which is to be discussed at her reading group on Friday. Olive was pottering, I think.

Later I went across to the summer house and witnessed a real thunder and lightning shower, (I had Mix with me but went and collected Rowan as she was worried about being on her own). I had hoped to listen to a bit of the cricket (Sussex against Durham) but it was raining at Hove as well.

However, I did take this picture (as the rain subsided) of the Dome which Digger has now got in use – it must have been quite spectacular in this during the thunder, the lightning and the hail.

We all ate together at seven and watched some television in the Granary afterwards (Happy Valley followed by the News). It has been another really good day.

And to round it off a picture taken this evening of a rainbow over Mount Pleasant.


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